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Looking for a job as an apprentice? All applicants must secure their first job with a signatory contractor to gain entry to apprenticeship training. Our Employment Counselor is here to help!


If you are already in the Apprentice Program and are looking for work,

Click here to fill out the Placement Form. Our Counselor will notify potential employers that you are available for work.

If you are not an apprentice, please contact the Counselor listed below.

Contact a Counselor

Contact our Employment Counselor by e-mail or phone for more information:

Kenny Roche -- Southern Illinois
618-277-2051, ext. 13

Southern Illinois Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program (SICTC)
Southern Illinois Carpenters Training Center
2290 S. Illinois St. Building 3
Belleville, IL 62220




Southern Illinois Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program (SICJAP)
2290 So. Illinois St.
Belleville, IL 62220