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Intro to Computers

A basic overview of the Personal Computer. It begins by examining and explaining terms, components, key parts, and software functions. This is followed by hands-on computer simulation training that familiarizes the student with understanding and developing skills in using the operating system and various system applets.

Working with Windows

A more in-depth working inquiry into the operating system, the many versions of Windows and DOS, and additional system applets. Exercises fully integrate video and computer training into a broad and extensive survey of background knowledge and fundamental skills.

Computer Aided Estimating

A detailed, specific examination of spreadsheet software and in particular estimating software that organizes the estimating workflow from takeoff and quantity survey to building the estimate, pricing it, and totaling it with markups, taxes, and bonds. Exercises are geared toward understanding and using the application, culminating in competitively estimating and bidding a small job.

Computer Aided Scheduling

A trek through the essentials of planning and coordinating a project using activity based scheduling software. The approach is learning by doing through a sequence of increasingly more complex exercises that first explores and then adds many program features. Finally, the student is challenged to schedule the previously bid project from the prior class.

Computer Aided Project Management

An explicit, definitive look at database software and specifically project management software that explores the logging and controlling system of project management. Exercises begin with setting up and then maintaining a project. This includes data warehousing that allows for the archiving, monitoring, and reporting of all project elements in real-time.

Computer Aided Management Accounting

A study in tracking job costs through the setup and maintenance of a centralized database. Terminology is presented and individual accounting modules are taught for a basic understanding of the software system from general ledger to payroll, accounts payable and receivable with aging reports, job detail costing and company financials.

Computer Aided Drafting I

An introduction to computer precision drawing. Concepts and the interface are discovered through graduated drawings that develop both basic drawing concepts and fundamental drawing skills. Emphasis is on securing a firm foundation in using the primary tools and drawing aids.

Computer Aided Drafting II

A continuation of CAD I that develops greater competence and skill in using additional drawing tools and drawing aids. Drafting settings, the coordinate system, and other essentials are investigated. Exercises are self paced and progressively more challenging.

Intro to CNC Router

CAD taken one notch higher. The initial focus is on drawing parts with a manufacturing based cad program. The attention then shifts to producing, writing, and editing machineable code that runs a computer controlled end mill or lathe. Lastly, the code is transferred to the router and the part machined.


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