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Confined Space

This 16 hour course introduces the student to the hazards involved, precautions to be taken, and proper use of protective and emergency equipment required in confined space work. The permit-required confined spaces OSHA 1910.146 and OSHA 1926.21[b] [6] [i] [ii] is reviewed and discussed in class through lecture and video. The course concludes with a vertical entry in a supplied-air respirator [SAR] and a horizontal entry in a self-contained breathing apparatus [SCBA] by each student. This entry takes place in our confined space simulator, giving the student actual hands-on experience with the protective and rescue equipment.

Hazardous Waste Worker

This 40 hour course covers the following areas of Hazardous Waste Work: Recognizing Dangers, Controlling Dangers, Special Work Methods, Cleanup Procedures, Protective Gear, Monitoring, Decontamination, and Emergencies. Parts 1926.65 Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response, 1910.134 Respiratory Protection, and 1926.1100--1152 Toxic & Hazardous Substances are reviewed and discussed in class using textbooks, lecture, and video. This course concludes with each student dressing in a Level A Suit with self-contained breathing apparatus [SCBA], a Level B Suit with supplied-air respirator [SAR], and Level C Clothing with an air-purifying respirator [APR]. While suited-up, students perform cleanup and decontamination tasks, applicable to the level of protection they are wearing. Students completing this course will be certified to perform Hazardous Waste Work.

Hazardous Waste Worker (Refresher)

To maintain a Hazardous Waste Worker certification, certified workers must complete this mandatory 8 hour refresher course once a year. Topics covered include: Job Hazard Analysis, Health Effects, Hazard Recognition, Personal Protective Equipment, and New Technology. The proper use of self-contained breathing apparatus [SCBA], supplied-air respirator [SAR], and air-purifying respirator [APR] equipment are all demonstrated in the shop. Students completing this course will be re-certified for one year to perform Hazardous Waste Work.


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