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Health & Safety I

The course begins with a math / comprehension test, followed by a discussion on the history of occupational injury and illness. Classroom instruction utilizing power point, videos, worksheets and lecture include; ergonomics, fall protection, ladder safety, electrical safety, scaffolding, personal protective equipment, hand and power tool safety. Demonstrations on personal fall arrest equipment, respirators and nail guns allow for hands on instruction. During the shop portion of training two types of scaffolding are erected / dismantled and a wooden stepstool is constructed to evaluate safe and proper power tool use. Hazard recognition and avoidance on the job, are stressed throughout this course.





Basic Printreading and Basic Transit-Level Information

This course is an introduction to the elements of blueprints, with an emphasis on the different views in a set of prints. This course explains the terminology of blueprint reading and distinguishes between the variety of views. Apprentices will develop an overall understanding of how to identify and gather information from the prints needed for the building process. To reinforce the print reading material, this class concludes with a shop project involving residential wall plate layout from a floor plan view.


St. Louis Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program (CJAP)
Nelson-Mulligan Carpenters’ Training Center
8300 Valcour
St. Louis, MO 63123