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Scaffolding Qualification Program

OSHA has mandated in 29 CFR 1926.451 (f)(7) that "Scaffolds shall be erected, moved, dismantled, or altered only under the supervision and direction of a competent person qualified in scaffold erection, moving, dismantling or alteration. Such activities shall be performed only by experienced and trained employees selected for such work by the competent person." To help meet this requirement for a competent workforce, the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) has developed a Scaffold Qualification Training Program. The program has been, developed in partnership with OSHA and the DOE, and addresses OSHA safety regulations for scaffolding, scaffolding introduction, and the specific procedures for erecting Frame Scaffold, Tube & Clamp Scaffold, and System Scaffold.



UBC Rigging Qualification Program

To help meet the industry need for a trained workforce, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Training Fund of North America has developed the UBC Rigging Qualification Program. This program addresses safety regulations and rigging practices related to rigging, rigging hardware construction, rigging hardware inspection, knots, safe rigging procedures, crane types, and rigging signals. Training will be delivered with a series of classroom instruction, written testing, and hands-on projects designed to evaluate the proficiency of the apprentice. Fork Truck Operator (1/5 Apprentice unit) is the suggested compliment to this class, but is not mandatory. Refresher training is required every four years.


Apprentice Credit: 4/5 Unit



UBC Rigging Refresher Training

This refresher course concentrates on hardware inspection, rigging calculations and any changes in rigging regulations. Any updates to the power rigging training program or changes in regulations will be covered in this workshop.

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