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This course consists of the methods and materials most commonly used in residential home building. We will introduce the apprentice to the residential homebuilding aspect of the carpenter trade.




Residential Framing

Each apprentice will learn the layout procedures and the framing methods used for floor and wall framing. Each apprentice will successfully learn to calculate, layout, and install roof rafters for a typical hip & gable roof. In addition to learning the basic methods of residential framing the apprentice will learn to work as part of a team.




Residential Finishes

In residential finishes the apprentice will learn to calculate, layout, and install coffered ceilings, stairs, and handrails. They will also learn to identify cut and install casing, base, and crown moldings. To finish the class each apprentice will be able to identify, cut, and install vinyl siding and the trim associated with vinyl siding applications.




St. Louis Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program (CJAP)
Nelson-Mulligan Carpenters’ Training Center
8300 Valcour
St. Louis, MO 63123