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Welding Program

This course includes welding applications for carpenters, millwrights and pildrivers. Areas covered include heath and safety different equipment and their uses, and the many processes available to perform the work in our trade.


As carpenters, millwrights and piledrivers, apprentices can accomplish A.W.S. certification along with the opportunity to weld with the newest equipment available in our state of the art shop.


Millwright Program

This course is a series of five, one-day units which are designed to help apprentices develop the basic skills and techniques required of a millwright.


Day 1 Precision Layout on Steel

Apprentices will become proficient at laying out precise measurements on a steel base and learn to use layout tools. Topics covered are working from a square reference point, working from a diagonal line, working from a specific angle, and working from a parallel line on a round stock.



Day 2 Fabricating Steel for Machinery Installation

Apprentices will become more proficient in fabricating steel for machinery installation. Topics covered are drilling, tapping, reaming, and putting threads on round stock.






Day 3 Precision Measurement

Apprentices will become proficient in taking precise measurements. Topics covered are outside micrometers, depth micrometers, and dial calipers.





Day 4 Material Handling

Apprentices will become familiar with the basic machinery that we install and sometimes maintain. Topics covered are conveyor, pumps, mills, palletizers, pasteurizers, fans, and turbines.






Day 5 Fork Truck Qualification

Apprentices will learn the OSHA standards for driving a fork truck. In addition to classroom activities that involve watching a video, completing workbook activities and discussions, the apprentices will also participate in hands-on training which includes inspecting and driving a fork truck in a controlled environment.




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